Other add-onsΒΆ

Blender has a large ecosystem of add-ons. The BlenderBIM Add-on is one of many add-ons which provide utility to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

Some of these add-ons come with Blender and merely need to be enabled in the Edit > Preferences > Add-ons tab.

  • Sun Position - will allow you to set the correct location of the sun and true north. Integrates with IFC4 georeferencing features in the BlenderBIM Add-on.

  • AutoCAD DXF Format (.dxf) - provides import and export support of the DXF format in Blender.

  • tinyCAD Mesh tools - provides basic intersection and circle reconstruction utilities similar to trim / extend / centroid tools in CAD tools.

Some of these add-ons are not shipped with Blender:

  • CAD Transform for Blender - This will provide CAD snapping, move, rotate, and scale functions in Blender. This is highly recommended for precision modeling in Blender.

  • Blender Archipack - Archipack lets you create parametric architectural objects, like walls, floors, ceilings, doors, roofs, and furniture with a single click from a preset templates. It integrates with the BlenderBIM Add-on, so you have the choice to combine both parametric and modeling by hand.

  • Sverchok - Sverchok is a visual programming add-on for Blender that allows you to generate parametric geometry, create scripts for non-programmers, model solids from FreeCAD, and much more. There is also IfcSverchok that adds IFC features to Sverchok.

  • BlenderGIS - BlenderGIS lets you import GIS data, grab elevation data from the web, and generate TINs from survey points and contours.

  • Ladybug Tools for Blender - Ladybug Tools is an extension of Sverchok for environmental analysis and building physics simulation. It allows analysis of solar, daylight, energy, and CFD.

  • Topologic - Perform spatial and topological analysis of simplified building geometry and space connectivity.

  • Speckle Blender - Use Speckle to get your designs in Blender from other CAD software.

  • Point Cloud Visualizer - Display, edit, filter, render, convert, generate and export colored point cloud PLY files.

  • MeasureIt_ARCH - Simple dimensioning and annotation tools in Blender.

  • Sorcar - Another visual node programming alternative to Sverchok.